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perfume bar…capturing your true essence

Just as our sense of smell is the most individual, so too should be your fragrance expression and personal retreat. Escape our mass produced world and travel to a time when Cleopatra scented the sails of her barge to announce her arrival to Anthony…when royalty donned leather gloves scented by their personal perfumers… and when temples had perfume workshops. Transport and indulge your senses as you step up to our perfume bar: part laboratory, part European apothecary. Perfumer, Heidi Sauhammel, guides your olfactory experience as you waft globally imported extracts and essential oils such as distilled pink peppercorns…Bulgarian lavender absolute…as well as fragrance oils like white tea and violet.

“I approach each custom fragrance creation collaboratively, with a sense of play, allowing the process to unfold organically and intuitively. By reading a client’s energy, I create a fragrance that is a true expression of who they are and also elevates them to their most empowered self. As Shakespeare wrote: ‘wear the costume and become the part.’”

The formulation process is rooted in traditional French perfume blending techniques, first sampling the marriage of various fragrances on paper scent strips. Once the fragrance is complete, your self-titled formula is kept on file for future purchases.

Please email or call us for assistance in placing a reorder or if you wish to schedule an appointment for a custom perfume phone consultation.

We do not duplicate fragrances, but can recommend fragrances in the same family.


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