body chemistri


Body Chemistri's owner and perfumer, Heidi Sauhammel is drawn to the spiritual aspect of the world of fragrance and its effect on the psyche. The word perfume is derived from the Latin, per fumum, meaning "through smoke." In ancient societies, incense was a vehicle to communicate with and become closer to the heavens. Our mission is to create fragrances that hold magic and can transport the wearer to the present moment as well as uplift, empower and tantalize.


It's amazing to realize that I am in my twentieth year of perfumery and aromatherapy beginning as an apprentice in one of the first fragrance, bath & body shops. Initially, I was drawn to aromatherapy and its healing affect on mood and emotion. Now I delight in creating fragrances that marry the world of aromatherapy, perfumery, mysticism and travel. In formulating fragrances, my Austrian and culinary heritage plays its role as well as my desire to create something surprising and uncommon.

The process seems to magically unfold when I am blending for a particular client or dear friend. I allow my intuition to guide me and create a fragrance that is tailor made for the individual. I encourage you to tune into your response to various fragrances and create your personal fragrance wardrobe to stimulate your soul.